Laia. Since 1992. Barcelona-London.
Asian Studies. Actress.
League of Legends player (EUW, supp-mid).

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Art, photography (Ellen von Unwerth <3), fashion (specially lingerie), women, cute illustrations, lol related stuff, films, food, pugs (and animals in general).



6/10 rankeds played atm.

So yeah, I’m still unranked but I guess this week we’ll see in which league I’m in. But if everything keeps like this (having afk’s in my team, flamers, people throwing the game…) I’m 100% sure I’ll end up in the bronze league :(

Yesterday, though, I tried Nami support for the first time and I must say it was amaaazing! So using her for my next games as well :D!

Why so expensive, why? ;__;

One day I’ll be able to buy an Agent Provocateur lingerie set. ONE DAY.